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One of the most stunning places where I fished this year!

Absolute carnage so far Ive just got one rod out again the bivvy still isn't up ,had two takes a mirror at 17.5lb and a common at 23lb the mirror swam out of the retainer and unfortunately the common

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28 minutes ago, Carpmaster said:

Looks similar to a local by us the festival park lake highly it’s not I know but very similar 

It's was a local small boating / orienteering lake, now council own it, no 1 leases it so it free, every Sunday few older guys bring there model boats n wiz round for n hour or so... 

Back home now, dinner then work. 

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Just now, bluelabel said:

Ooooh that gap twixt the islands looks inviting

Got them both about 6ft apart in front of those reeds on the right hand island, give it a month or two and it will all be unfishable, there are so many snags and pad roots out there, it's difficult to find a spot, if I don't get the retrieve quite right it usually ends up snagged on something 😂

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3 minutes ago, elmoputney said:

It's all pretty snaggy, you get pads from about a 3 rod lengths right up to the island, actually managed to get snagged on a root on my rod that got a decent drop when I pulled it in last knockings, back home now 😢 


Can’t you rake it 🤔🤔

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11 hours ago, Highy said:

Arrived at 5am....










Yesterday glorious sunshine all day, slight chilly breeze, then about 11pm.last night, slight rain shower, then hailstones, then turned into sleet snow, down to - 2, not a bleep all night, woke up at 5am, everything froze, sun coming through now, not a cloud in sky, nice mist on lake.... Brew time I think. 

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