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On 09/05/2021 at 13:46, bluelabel said:

Not by me...a little under arm lob to the left margin was all the pin got, the Mitchell got a 30 yard lob with a 6 bait stringer... and the best bite of the day was a corned beef sarnie...

Needed a bit of fishing... my heads all over the place at the mo... struggling to keep on an even keel

Well I hope sitting in the sun contemplating your beautiful cane brought you some peace , Blue .


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On 10/05/2021 at 07:33, ouchthathurt said:

Sorry to hear that mate, keep your chin up! I need to get the rods out, I’ve not been for months. I lost my job on Friday when my boss received a reference request from a job I went for, so I’m gonna struggle with the mortgage next month! What can you do eh? 

I would like to think that someone with your skill set will be snapped up very soon , Ouch .


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1 hour ago, B B said:

Well that sounds a cheerful peg 😳

Best of luck Highy 🤞

Yah, its all snaggy, and you have to be on your rods quick, within an hour of our move mate has had 2...1 about 8/9lb, 1 at 10lb 12oz (weighed that)... 

Nothing for me yet, but on the US I've knocked up 4x Ronnie Claw rigs with the Bank Tackle Terminal and Nash Claw Pinpoint hooks... 

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On 23/05/2021 at 18:12, commonly said:

Looks snaggy in the margins🤣

Yeah... what’s left of the old storm defences! 


On 23/05/2021 at 21:31, emmcee said:

Any hounds about where you are? 

There’s been a few mate, mostly to crab. A few bass knocking about and the omnipresent dogfish. 


On 23/05/2021 at 20:10, elmoputney said:

Wot no alarms??? How do you know when you get a bite 🤔😳😢🙄😱😉

Oh that’s simple... I never get any! Lol! 

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