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Big bait runners

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Afternoon all, it's been a while.


I'm looking to buy some new big bait runners. I've tried big pits, with the quick twist front drag, but I just can't get on with them. I find myself jumping out of the bivvy and reeling like mad, only to remember, too late, that I need to tighten the drag. Whereas with the bait runners, it's just a turn of the handle and you're in. Basically, it's one less thing to remember when I'm still 90% asleep.


I've got some Shimano 10000 XTE's but they are getting on a bit. So who's got what, and what would people recommend?





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I had Shimi Long Casts which were very good, but my current Infinity BRs are better I reckon. I do like my old school work-horse type reels.


I like the look of the Castisms even more, but I don't think I can stretch to that kind of cash.


Have a search for the Daiwa Procargo SS4500. It is the none European version of the Castizm, exactly the same except it has a better UTD drag and a different handle. You can get them imported from Japan or Australia for less than the price of the Castizm if you find a particularly good deal, in fact a saw a guy on another forum got them for 140 a pop!!

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