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A 24lber from a few days back, caught from under the tips..... Short 4 inch rig, slack lined and locked up clutch...…  Have locked the kit away for a couple of weeks now. Too tempting to nip over

One from yesterday I could claim 😎

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Pre bait, then fish singles or stringers mate, maybe even paste around your bait.

I'm just sitting in front of my brolly right now, watching and listening.

Coffee in one hand, kangertech in the other :)


Ohh beautiful shot . Doing a homer mmmm fishing.


Am gutted that stuck in doors would love to be out in the freshair


tight lines


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PVA dissolve time definitely slows down as the temperature drops :wink:


Which is why all brands need to be tested to check dissolve times in summer and winter.

In fact each batch of PVA is different, so a test from each mesh, spool or bag should be tested.

I dont see why you need to test it, once i've cast i leave it, unless you get a bite in 5 mins, i reckon it'll melt anyway [emoji3]


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I dont see why you need to test it, once i've cast i leave it, unless you get a bite in 5 mins, i reckon it'll melt anyway [emoji3]

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Why not test it and be sure it does melt?


I know numbers of anglers who have retrieved rigs after hours in the lake and the PVA still hasn't dissolved.

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Never happened to me, not worth worrying about something that might never happen

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I test everything, I don't understand why you wouldn't want to know what's happening.

And when it does you'll be sitting there cursing and asking why you didn't test it.


You may not actually know it's (not) happening either.

You cast your PVA stringer out, attached to the hook, and it doesn't dissolve very fast, or at all. As you retrieve the end tackle the PVA finally breaks, falling away from the hook.


How many times with PVA are you actually fishing a 6bait hookbait rather than a stringer?

In summer that may work, but in winter...

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I have been toying with the idea of using paste for a while now, the biggest problem is the distance I'm casting and whether the paste would stay on or not. I've looked at various method feeders and paste bombs but I need to know the paste has stayed on, through the cast and when it hits the water.

The idea is to do one cast only, and get as much attraction as possible for that one cast.

Plus my rig can be fully broken down to accommodate a number of other applications.

This is my normal lead set up


I can just simply swap the lead over for a midi spomb without needing a third rod.

This morning I was having a browse round the tackle shop, looking at various feeders, they were either to small or too bulky to reach the distance required.

Then I spotted some drennan distance bombs.

The idea is not the traditional idea of letting the paste spill off the feeder, I want to keep the paste in its original form for as long as possible.

It just needs to be slowly leaching of attractors.

This is what I will try out


I may have to change the internal workings to cope with casting, but I think these will be perfect as long as I can reach where I need to be :wink:

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a bit late really " well no VERY LATE " not been on for a while but ive had a few (6)trips out now on the big water with the low stocks of good fish since reporting last,im feeling VERY comfortable now being back at carping but its very quiet up here now with the weather ,we had a cold spell starting a few weeks back that came in all of a sudden and even knocked a commercial ive been having the odd day on off the feed ,ive stopped the pre baiting now for this year and planning on starting again next spring when the weather warms up again ! if we should get a warm spell ill get the gear out again but now im thinking of starting on a bit of piking until spring ,on a positive note when i do start carping again ill be hitting the ground running 

   Plenty to catch up on  on here though ,all the best guys 

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