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British Record

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I think we have to wait to find out the story behind the fish.


I'm not sure it is an import but one that's been grown on in a stock pond and fed to reach the weight it has before being stocked.


Whatever way you look at it import or cultivated it doesn't bode well.


But then there's some people happy to fish for such fish, it's their choice end of the day.


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Apparently it's never been caught before and word is it was stocked a week before at 74 .

This is going to ruin the records, and go the way of the wells catfish and make the records unclassified :(

Its probably not going to be that weight ever again .

Imagine if it did get the record.... the only time it would ever get beat , would be to stock a bigger fish & catch it quicker than a week :lol:

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Rob Hales Feb page


RH fisheries " Avenue" fishery produced a new British Record carp today for Tom Doherty! Full story in carp talk next week & video of this incredible fish on the RH fisheries website soon .



He's jumping the gun a bit, claiming new British record, weighing scales have to be verified first


Also hearing it went 69lb on one set and 70:4 on another set ,

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Sad state of affairs if that's the case. But each to their own. I think a majority of the angling world will not deem it a real record if it is accepted.


End of the day who gives a toss what some idiot fishery owner decided to do to drum up publicity for his venue(s). I reckon it's probably done more damage than its done good for his reputation. Will it be rammed with the instant carping brigade after the biggest fish possible? Course it will. Just leaves the proper carp venues quieter!

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Before a certain person jumps to conclusions this sort of capture is certainly not my cup of tea :wink:

But ?

Was reading something Keith Moors said on fb .


How many other previous British record carp have been imports ?


Including as far back as Richard Walker.

No wonder we have ended up where we are the ball was started to roll many years ago it's nothing new it would seem .

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