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Tornadoes A.C ?

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This is all i have been able to find..

Packington Somers, Meriden, Warks, Molands Mere, Wed. 19. Mick Bull (Dynamite Baits/Guru/Shimano) 69-5-0, complete mixture of species, pellet feeder, peg 2. John Burchell (Sensas Packington) 61-8-0; Dean Young (Tornadoes Angling Club) 51-0-0. Sat. 25, Gearys Level. Matt Derry (Kamasan Starlets) 70-2-0, carp, Method and pellet, peg 31. Pete Brown (Maypole Angling Club) 52-9-0; Phil Hull (Lanes Baits) 49-11-0. Sun. 28, Molands Mere. Dean Young (Tornadoes Angling Club) 53-4-0, complete mixture of species, Method and pellet, peg 29. Ms Suzi Smith (Kobra Feeders) 42-3-0; Bob James (Packington) 38-12-0.
Read more at http://www.anglersmail.co.uk/match-results/west-midlands/west-midlands-angler%e2%80%99s-mail-matches-for-july-1011-2010-3161#Q3y215WI9hZ8KyOY.99

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As far as i have been able to discover they are based in Coleshill. Want to fish a stretch of river I havnt fished for 20 years. I might just fish it and see who turns up to throw me off ?  


the blythe eh!! good chub and barbel down by the bridge at maxstoke lane, i believe the Ac was part of the coleshill social club remit at one time. good place to start :lol:

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Heading towards Birmingham Airport/NEC along Coleshill High Street turn left into Maxstoke Laneand follow it until you meet a sharp right bend. On the left is Cuttle Cottage, they issue day tickets for the River Blythe (£5 I think ). They should be able to give you info on Tornadoes AC. Alternatively register with Coleshill Town Angling Club on Facebook as I am sure they are in some way linked to them. Seen huge shoals of chub of a very good size from the old pack horse bridge on Maxstoke Lane. Hope this post helps you.

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