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Not sure if this is the correct forum.


I'm visiting the UK soon and will be staying in Suffolk,  staying near the coast in Saxmundham.  Can someone please recommend some tackleshops, I've got a list of things I'm going to pick up and I'm considering buying some new rods whilst over there, so would prefer a shop with a good range of rods.



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Depends on how far you are willing to travel mate, I don't know the specific area very well but I know it's "out in the sticks" as I worked their once, I'm sure their are some guys from up that way on here....so no doubt can offer much better advice, but as a a start you have angling direct at Colchester and a huge place on Canvey island (it's name escapes me)



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Off the top of my head, a few for you:


Gladwells at Copdock

Birds at Blakenham

Markham's on Woodbridge Road

Breakaway Tackle on Bramford Road

Stuart's Clay traps, Melton

Tackle Up, Bury St. Edmunds

Sax Angling, Back of market Saxmundham.



Of course I would recommend Gladwells, I work there, but I would say we have some of the best selection of rods, and nicest service going.

Birds may be the biggest tackle shop with most brands, but...

For obvious reasons I haven't been in another tackle shop for over a year, so I wouldn't say what stocks are like.

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