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Rig Ring Sizes

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I'm trying to make a blowback rig using a rig ring. I'm struggling to work out what the best size ring to use is. I'm using a Nash Fang X size 7 hook. I've tried the korda rig rings in a micro which fit snug, quite a tight fit really but still movement up the hook. I've tried korda small ones which seem a little slack and now I've tried nash ones in a 2.5mm. The sizes confuse me too as some like korda don't tell you size. What are everyone's thoughts? Is a loose fit desired? The 2.5mm ones seem very slack, just doesn't look right to me. At £3.50 a pack I'd like some insight before buying any more!

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Korda Overpriced? :o

Who would of thunk it?


Various manufacturers do have different sizes.

Fox I know produce a couple of different rig ring sizes, and there are some tear drop shaped ones around by companies like Solar.

Drennan/ESP and Gardner could be worth looking at


I use Fox and the Solar teardrop, but bear in mind I'm using size 4 hooks most of the time

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As a preference i prefer the next size up from the micro swivels when using a blow back rig, I found (this is a personal opinion of course) the micro rings jammed up a lot more so if there was debris on the bottom there would be more chance of the ring sticking on movement, the small rings can also effect the rigs ability to reset.

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