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Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, Purton

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Evening lads,

In four weeks I'll be moving to a nice little cottage in a tiny village called Purton, just north of Berkeley in Gloucestershire. I've not really had the rods out since I moved to Bristol around two and a half years ago but that's about to change as the canal will be literally just over the road from my front door, around 15 meters away!

Canal carping will be new to me, and there's not much online giving away what's lurking in the Gloucester and Sharpness canal aside from lots of bream and perch except from a couple of YouTube clips showing carp feeding on bread in the marina which 'can't be fished...'

Does anyone have experience, knowledge or info on what can be found in this particular canal? 



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All I know mate is that it runs very close to the Severn at quedgeley. The floods of 2007 may be your friend????? 

Cant wait to get down to the house warming!!

oh, you also have what is one of the best syndicate lakes in the country just up the road from you!!!!! If I lived that close, I would be doing all I could to get a ticket. 

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Only an hour from me mate , you will have to pop up & check the hives out .

Might even have a small colony you could have to get you started if they have wintered OK. 

Also churn is just down the road so you will have to pop & see us when we are on .

Might be able to hand you back Nige's  tea duties too :shock: 

Be good to catch up at some point 8)

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This was good news Nige! I look forward to hosting some socials with whoever's up for a bit of canal carping.


Phil, would love to pop up and see the girls. Very kind of you to potentially offer a colony, too, but I couldn't take them off your hands after you've just got them through the winter. 

As for Nige's tea duties, you can keep them!!

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