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Fishing my club lake

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 Hey just looking  for some advice not sure if it's in the right section , I've been jus fishing my club water the past 3 years the first year I dine about 20 nights had 3 fish which all came in the one night ,I fished mainly pva bags spodding cell and pellets bout a kilo a session as this is how I fished elsewhere , 

The second year I had 8 fish from 40 nights that year I swapped using pellets and jus used boilies crumb and pva bags ,the stock in the lake is bout 100 carp and I've caught  fish in random spots around the lake nothing ever gets me more than one fish a day bar the one night the previous  year,

On my third year I focused mainly on one spot using cell and jus sweetcorn had 15 fish last year 10 off the same spot but same as year before one fish a day it's a tough water and nobody  seem's to catch loads other than mid summer ,

This year I've fished 4 nights so far with no luck as of yet  I plan a major baiting campaign in open water where I have seen fish alot last year I'm going to pile bait in and hope to do better than last year's  haul of 15 has anyone any tips on a baiting campaign as it's all silty the entire lake with no weed at all there's a couple of inches of debris on the bottom the black  sludgy type any help appreciated cheers 

And tightlines  to all :wink:

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Cheers for the reply was looking at it but didn't want to change it up would using  that with cell be ok ?? and swap hook baits around see what works the lake mostly gets boilies say 80% of anglers jus use em lake has my head done in but I'm not giving up I'm jus trying  to up my game it's never done a 20 doesn't mean there's not one in there 

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I saying i heard is ...

You cannot go to the same place fishing the same way using the same bait and expect better results.

You have to learn , adapt and do something different to achieve your goals.

You say you don't want to change it up ... well mabey its time to do just that the cell is a good bait made out to be something special with hype there are alot of good baits on the market you cannot count on 1 bait to do the magic yes it will catch you fish but them 4 days it hasn't.

You say its an 80% boilie water well be that 20% ... Try maize.






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I would be paying attention to what everyone else is doing, Are they all fishing the same way? Same baits? Everyone casting to the middle? If your using multiple rods then you can use a rod to experiment, Solid bags, Zigs, Maize as said above. If your seeing fish show, Make a note of it, Are they always showing in the same area? Get a lead on the spot and find out whats out there.


If your prebaiting you might want to prebait a few spots incase you turn up and joe blogs is in your swim.

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