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well I survived , both me and my gear got a total testing last night , it decided to chuck it down for most of the night , the swans and the geese decided to have a fight for rest of the night right i

just about to pop out for a couple of hours with my son,  just a short one to see how he copes with the pressure of carp angling live (he has been practicing on a fishing game on his tablet) oh a

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So looking at the last few posts we're all completely nuts :P


I'm on the syndi this weekend. Hope it's defrosted by then, currently solid!

We've had a little bit of a thaw today.

It's the first time in days the grass in my garden hasn't been frozen solid all day.

Mind you we are supposed to get freezing fog tonight so could go messed up by tomorrow.

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Had to cancel my planned trip on Wednesday as the lake still had a lid on it.

Absolutely desperate to get out and give my new rods a bash.

Have booked up a double swim for next Friday as my daughter wants to come along and visit the lake for the 1st time.

Fingers crossed the weather gets a little "milder" in time.

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Just baiting up with a fresh stick after another common 20170129_124240_zpshjezagwe.jpg

And my margin rod swings round off my alarm , shoot out the brolly hit into it & it spits the hook , yet another better fish lost !!! Turn round & my pva mesh roll is busy melting in the rain from where I shot out the brolly oh the joys :lol:

So now's not the time to ask how your Rig Marole line is performing then Chill ? .



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Two on the bank so far nothing big though.

Priming the spots yesterday seems to have worked again, with the two bites coming pretty quick after the first casts of the day .



thats a lovely looking fish , a few years on and what a cracker it will be






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Couldn't get out this weekend but hopefully gonna do 2 day sessions on the canal next weekend. Its 6 miles of water and pretty much no features along the banks. No over hanging trees or anything, just each bank lined with reeds all the way along, so don't really know where to start. There's a lock at each end, so maybe try one of them? I don't really know lol.

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On the bank now, full of cold. Got here at 3:30 first time I have put my rods out where I can see where they land. Just managed a 6,10lb tench my first fish from this lake so I'm chuffed. Had an occurance on my other rod where the bobbin went right up, then bobbed a bit, I hit it without looking at the tip or anything as I was still full of adrenaline from the last run! Fools mistake.

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