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I'm not convinced they are any better than Fox alarms tbh

Had fox for 20+ years really reliable had no issues with them at all, far from it.

Wanted some new ones with the remote receiver a couple of years ago so got the delks I'd always admired.  Yes they seem good, got no real complaints.  For me they just seem overly sensitive and I cant see the point in plus and minus settings, just one range high to low would have been better.

They are good, but pretty sure Fox are equal and also have vibration settings and receivers.

Some people go back to Fox after Delks so it's not a one horse race.

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You have to set it to the conditions to avoid false bleeps and have the right kind of bobbin for the situation.

Going down to 1-2 on the minus settings if it's very windy with weed gathering on the line - extreme conditions

Whereas in normal conditions I might have it on 2-4 on the plus settings.

It's good that you have the range to deal with all situations, when I first got them I was using them on high sensitivity but when what should have been a bleep sounds like a full blown run you soon learn to lower the sensitivity more in line with other alarms.

Gets you going that's for sure 😃

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I would not use any other alarms than Delkims, although I have ST's with Atts dongles and receiver, and having worked in a tackle shop with the choice prefer not to go to Fox alarms.


You can change the sensitivity, no problems, I nearly always go to +on and then to maximum sensitivity. If false bleeps occur I wind it down, and to be honest, I can't ever recall using -on.


Bear in mind my Delks get used for carp, bream, tench, roach and pike fishing.


A couple of Delkim advantages, batteries, PP3 squares (try to ALWAYS use Duracell) are available from most places, Fox batteries can be alarm specific, tackle shop or specialist shop with some of their sizes.

Delkims are the same since the original launch. The alarms look the same, current ST's are still the same looking as 1994 ST's, TXi's the same as their version, and EV's the later releases, even if the components have been updated. With Fox, your alarm may not be the same model in two years time.


Indicator wise I have Solar indicators, Titaniums, before them I had Quiverlocs. They work as swingers or tension arm, and I can use them with semi-fixed, running leads and slack or tight lines.



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51 minutes ago, Taylordcfc said:

am guessing a korda stow indicator are perfect for delkim alarms as you see them all over korda's dvds and thinking tackle

I THINK there is a kind of symbiotic relationship between Korda and Delkim ( until Korda start making their own Alarms ) , and Korda would only show their indicators - probably . 

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I loved my delks, had some serious issues last year with a new set i bought, the range was terrible, i was standing in the next swim (not far) having a tea when i heard alarms scream off, couldn't be mine as my receiver was in my pocket, but it was, this happened twice more that session. When i come home i sent the receiver back to delkim, they said there was indeed something wrong with it and sent me a brand new one. on my next trip, first run the receiver made some odd noises then stopped indicating the current run. over this session this problem persisted and again the range problem returned, a couple of times not registering while i was asleep in my bed 12 foot from my rods. When i got back i went mental on the phone to delkim, 2 trips ruined, they asked me to send my entire kit back to see it the issue was the alarms themselves, so i did, got back a complete new set, so this is now the 3rd receiver and second set of brand new alarms in a couple of months, went of my annual week trip for my bday, and guess what all the same problems. It was not the location of the lake, people either side of me had delks, the batteries were top quality, mind boggling stuff.


Im not slating them, as the set i had for years previous to these i couldn't fault, never let me down in the worst of the weather. By far the best alarms on the market and yes i would put some of my success down to delks indication, but after last year i have lost all faith in them, im hearing similar stories from people who have bought new set of delks over the last year or 2. Maybe they are using cheaper parts, maybe something has changed in the making process, maybe i was just unlucky 3 timers in a row with brand new kit.


As for wind effecting indication, go for the nitelite pro kit or duo carb setup for your swingers and the only time you get a bleep is a fish on.

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