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Rivers can be of different types, large, wide, no weirs or the complete opposite, almost canals or even just a slightly flowing lake.

Carp can be held in sections by weirs, locks (some fish can get through both!), or mills, or even shallows, but bear in mind if the water is high they can move up or down.


River carp can normally be caught over any bait, boilies are not a necessity, other baits often work as the fish have to eat, but boilies can be used to avoid nuisance fish, although chub and barbel can still take them, like on the Lea, Trent and Thames.


With the River Gipping there are a number of main stretches that hold carp, the almost canal section in the town centre, around 30 metres wide, a stretch of around a mile, which to be honest, is so regularly fished that prebaiting probably isn't required. The Gipping is a tiny river, no more than probably 20miles of fishable river.

The next section up is around 2miles, but is stopped at both ends by weirs, and no more than 5 or 6 metres wide.

It is this upstream section that requires plenty of walking, plenty of baiting, (and strangely for a river, avoiding using Sweetcorn as the carp avoid it for a couple of days ) and looking for fish. The fish basically move from one end to the other during the day. I have seen them when I arrived by the top weir, walked downstream fast, baiting up, and within 30minutes seen them at the downstream end.


One area I have fished further upstream carp were a surprise; a mate caught a big double by accident while chub fishing over Sweetcorn, the fish just materialised in his swim and took his bait. This was almost definitely an escapee from a flooded lake nearby. 






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56 minutes ago, phil dalts said:

Morning! I've joined a club in the view to fish the rivers on their ticket for carp. I've heard how you have to walk miles n miles. Bait regularly etc

How do i go about doing this????


First thing is to activate your legs, one foot in front of the other, then you're walking!!

My advice, go to the urban stretches on hot days, where people feed the swans. Bit of crust in the right place..

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1 hour ago, phil dalts said:

So what am i looking for then? Obviously travel light, likely looking spots maybe? I will be fishing boilie with a pop up over the top

Looking at pictures and descriptions of the river, I would be walking and baiting, and paying close attention to the areas around bridges.

When fishing are there areas that the carp seem to prefer?

When I had a 28 from The Gipping was on a short 3hour session, basically just rods, tackle box unhooking mat and my snack food in a rucksack. I knew where they were patrolling, so was able to sit in one swim and wait for them. My watching and prebaiting had been pellets and boilies, and had gone on for a couple of months before I fished. My mate next swim up saw the fish avoiding an obvious gravel patch, whereas I was in an 'unfancied' swim, next to some rushes, and the bait was just lowered in, a standard glugged bottom bait over a handful of pellets.


Another mate had caught a few on floaters on fish he saw moving up and down the stretch, basically intercepting them, although he didn't get any bigger than 15 on that method.

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I have fished many rivers for many years and i would say the number one thing you must do is fish to cover by that i mean find that overhanging tree or that one barge that sits in the same spot and never moves carp love cover and on rivers cover can be hard to find ... if there is no cover fish the slower streches of river as they will always hold more carp.

Carp are not barble and in fast flowing rivers they will always look for the slack water to take a breather.

Good luck.

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