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For years when I could only afford one pair of rods it was a set of 2.75 tc jobs.  Now that im older and can afford two pairs, I have a set of 3 lb tc rods which I also use for Pike in the winter and a set of 2.5 lb tc rods which double up as Bream and Tench rods when im actually trying to catch Carp but get a Bream instead.

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My "love" for my 2.25 Chub Outkast "Smallwater" rods is well documented on here.  They are fantastic for the vast majority of my fishing, and  I will never get rid of them. Very light, (you could hold one all day either stalking or surface fishing), and have enough backbone if you do hook into a nice fish. 

I have started fishing a slightly larger lake now, which does require the odd longer chuck to reach some fish holding spots.

My wife kindly bought me 3 Shimano Tribal Velocity rods for Christmas. Stayed with 11 footers (as I prefer that length) but upped the test curve to 2.75lbs. The extra beef in them allows me to up my lead size if required, or to fish with PVA bags, something which the Outkasts struggled a little bit with if I'm honest. The Outkasts are happier with a lead to about 1.5oz and stringers that sort of thing.

With the Outkasts I would be quite happy freelining, surface fishing (as I mentioned) and if push came to shove I could even float fish for Tench etc. with them. I wouldn't really want to do that with the Shimano's. They would probably cope with it okay but they wouldn't feel so natural in the hand.

One thing is for certain. I won't ever buy rods over 2,75tc. Ever. Don't need them.


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