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Saving stranded carp in Quebec

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this statement cut from the above article just shows the power that a jobsworth can wield to the detriment of all other lifeforms on this planet


Using their nets, they worked to transport the fish back to the lake — but were stopped by ministry staff, who informed them what they were doing was illegal and told the fishermen they'd be fined.

Indeed, it is prohibited to fish with nets and to take live fish and reintroduce them to a body of water. Offenders face fines starting at $1,000.

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And the relevant portion of the same article:

Finally, on Monday, the ministry confirmed it would drop the fines against the two anglers involved

Ministry spokesperson Jacques Nadeau told CBC News "any people who take effective actions to help wildlife are friends" of his department.

He said because the fishermen were well-equipped to help reintegrate the fish to their natural ecosystem, they would not be fined.

The laws against transporting live fish aren't enforced often enough, and in the end they got it right, (helped publicise it too, maybe).  There are a lot of places where the solution might have been pitchforks and wheelbarrows, but the local carpers were able to save these fish.  Had it happened in the countryside (as it did here in Saskatchewan for several years), the foxes and coyotes and pelicans would have cleaned up.  Actually, the flooding was so widespread in Quebec there are probably all sorts of fish either out  of water or soon to be so.

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all good stuff Buzz but the reason i pointed out that particular bit was the lack of common sense displayed by the ministry staff on site and pure bl**dy mindedness in threatening/issuing a fine in those circumstances.

the fish were in a flood situation where they had obviously been stranded by the flood receding (doubt that they had arrived by taxi) so to my point, 1) the fish were NOT being introduced to a body of water they were being RETURNED to the safety of the lake and so there was no danger of contamination. and 2) the fish would have either died as the flood water receded or fed the local wildlife without the aid of the fishermen.

my point being that it was so damned obvious where the fish came from and in a situation like that there should not have been even the consideration of leveraging fines because next time these same anglers would probably just look the other way and let the fish rot.

while i agree that the laws are there for a reason and as such should be enforced with the full weight of the law even a copper will turn a blind eye when the situation warrants it, but your average municipal official? nah!

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28 minutes ago, cyborx said:


The fish law in this story is provincial, not municipal, (and Dept of Fisheries and Oceans is federal). The charge stated in the article said "reintroduce", so that wasn't a mistake.  If the chain of command and the minister of the department had not been made aware of this the law may well have gone against them, since there has recently been a state of emergency over large areas in the east, the municipal government, in allowing their firefighters to assist the anglers in corralling a bunch of carp while resources are strained could have left them open to criticism. 

No chance for wildlife to clean up rotting fish in towns, they were getting stuck in the soccer nets.  They were lucky to dodge a trip to the landfill, that's what makes this a feel good story. 

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