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Thanks guys,


Yes Big Common it its pre prepped, zero liquid, looks to have a nice coating of oil. I wish to add more oil to it (capoil) and aqua amino bith from sticky, its not going to be used on its own, i mentioned a soupy mix i was working on a while back in another topic. The soupy mix has zero food items, its more an attractant ive been tweaking. The swim im stuck in for a week is quite silty, the most productive spot ive found is indeed silty, so the hemp is just to keep something in the swim, keep em busy, as there are big cats and a lot of them in the lake, im sure they are more than capable of clearing out a few kilo a night when they move in. the hemp is not what ill be fishing with tbh, its there only for the above reason, ill be concentrating on boilies for the week. Because of the cats it would be nice to know if they have indeed moved in hense the added oil and the slick it should produce if something is down there.

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On 6/6/2017 at 11:32, Big Common said:

I remember that thread well. Don't over do it on the oils, your might find that the hemp will float..... Depends on what you are trying to achieve really. For a cloud effect that will slowly sink, I was adding some condensed milk  and a tin of sweetcorn into half the mix and blitzing through a blender, then adding it to the remainder of the mix.. This will give you some liquid content which helps to prevent the rest of the hemp from drying out and floating.

TBH, I didn't feel the need for extra oils, as the silt plumes were quite visible when the fish came in. But that's just my preference.

I used this method last Autumn, when larger feed was attracting the coots and tufties, I left a few bits of floating hemp in to distract them, which seemed to work, but just a few bits are needed.

If you find that this mix is too sloppy, or you want it to sink quicker, just add a few pellets at a time 5 mins before spodding. They will soak up some of the liquids, but the whole lot will still explode on impact with a nice cloud. I used layers pellets, they are cheap, small and break down the a mush very quickly.

Let us know how you get on with the oils bud. I know you were looking to get some kind of active cloud going on, on that other thread...

BTW, you will defo need a spoon to load your spomb, I learned the hard way, that the springs clog up if you dip it in the mix. :)


Thanks mate. The mix im working on is nearly there, the hemp is more just to keep something in the swim if the cats clear me out during the night till i next bait up. As ill be heavily spodding it just makes sense to add the hemp at the same time.Its a week trip so that mix will be getting a thorough testing and if it works as well as i hope ill get a full right up on the other thread.

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The lake im fishing has been overtaken by cats. 5 years ago it wasnt the case. These days catch rate is 50/50 at best. I like cats but when they do move in you can be plagued by the smaller ones. On a week trip this can mean little sleep and a lot of tackle being used. I want to move on as im after carp but i have to break the magic 30lb barrier before i do, came painfully close last year.


Ive tried every bait on the planet to avoid them but as big common says i think they will eat anything. The hemp is as mentioned purely to have something there in the morning if the cats have indeed cleared me out. Hence the oil and also soupy mix im working on, its a silty lake so in theory the hemp/soupy mix will work into the silt. Problem with this lake is (as with many) once the fish move on it can be very hard to get them back, half the lake (the half im fishing) you cast to the far bank, maybe 40 yards is all, there are 6 swims on this part of the lake, that can mean up to 18 lines in the water. Once the fish move past these lines getting them back through that many lines again is a job on its own, on a week trip it can be brutal. I know the boilies i use work very well, i have my tactics, been fishing here a long time, i know once i get them feeding i can keep them there. Problem is the last 2 years even huge amounts of boilies are not keeping them there. Ill have a  carp, then its cats, then baby cats then nothing. The only thing i can think is that im being cleared out early hours, once its time to bait up they are not there.


So....the hemp is purely to try and have something in there should this happen, thats the reason for oils and a few other liquids ill be using, the soupy mix is zero food items, its all to try put and keep attraction in the water to keep the carp interested until i can bait up again. What i would do to be able to see whats going on through the  night in that swim lol, could be completely wrong and changing a lot for this trip could ruin it, but i cant do another 7 days catching single cats all night lol.

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Just now, Big Common said:

I fished a lake where a few were introduced and bred like rats. Even the small ones 2lbers can fit an orange in their mouths. There's not much you can do when they move in. In my experience , they definitely push the carp out. But the carp will move in once the cats have moved on.  Hopefully, as you are there for a while, you will get some carp action.......

Im hoping so mate, as you say they breed like rats, i dread to think just how many smaller ones are in there, issue is i think there are so many that they are out in force every night meaning they never truly move on. We shall see. Im defo moving on after a couple more trips, i really want to see one of the 2 bigguns out before i do though, been fishing there for a long time and doesnt seem right to move on without seeing em. Not even in my net, if one of the guys im fishing with have one of em thats good enough, put a lot of time, blood sweat and tears itno this lake but its just not the place it once was.

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If its any use to you i have previously put pellets and boillies ( Seperate times ) in buckets to soak up the hemp oils and water to only find that the boillies and pellets took too much moisture out of the hemp and most of it ended up floating on the top instead of sinking to the bottom.

Try to keep iot moist is my suggestion.



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