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New Rigs

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On 17 October 2017 at 13:10, yonny said:

Hardly anything is ever truly new on the rig front. I was using variations of the stiff multi some years ago. In 2012 I had my first 40 on a stiff multi-chod thing that I thought I'd invented, a week later it popped up on the Korda website and shattered my dreams lol....

Same thing happened with what Korda call the mk2 chod (the one with a tiny boom)... I thought I'd invented something special but of course it had been around forever.

I very much doubt there's anything any one of us has come up with that hasn't been done and done again tbh.

Of all the fancy rigs I've come up with I always go back to the HSR. It just ticks all the boxes for me, it does everything.

My sliding/revolving rig with the rig ring free running up and down the shank, I remember reading something similar in one of Rob Maylins books sometime before 1994. I adapted it to my fishing.

It has the useful addition of being a resetting blowback style rig, able to be taken in even if the rig ring has been blown up to the eye.

When I started using and catching fish on it in 2008, for a short period it made its way into a couple of magazines as newest rig available, but has dropped from fashion again.


I do use various incarnations of Hinged rigs, as Multi rigs, 360, etc. The stiff boom ensures a tidy lay out, and the swivel or ring gives something that putty will stick to.

On my small local, it is the only pop-up rig that works, and I have tried others!


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12 minutes ago, Big Common said:

Whenever I've read or seen an interview/article with a known, successful, carp angler... Terry Hearn and Daryl Peck spring to mind.... The one thing that stands out is the simplicity of the rigs they use.... HSR or simple hair rig for bottom baits, with a tiny tweak here or there to combat conditions, not the fish........ I say, keep it simple. We will always "get done" no matter what. Work out a couple of rigs that will cover most situations and stick with them..... If you try to follow trends, you could end up with a tackle box that is trying to cover every single rig out there..... Great for the likes of Mr Fairbrass and co, but not necessary imo.


Too true. I stick to one rig. The multi rig. I have my little adaptation for using pop ups with it, using a stiff material. But snowman/ balanced baits are used on the standard full braid multi. I have used bottom baits on it but don't like it. Balanced is better. It isn't s bottom bait rig. Some will use it as such, and have results, but I just don't like it. 

Keep things simple is the best way. 

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On 10/21/2017 at 04:16, smufter said:

Two simple rigs for me too.

I'm either fishing on the bottom, or fishing a pop up rig. 

That's it.


Except if I'm crusting....... 


Forgot about crusting.


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