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New rods

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I'm a bit lost here.

If you're getting 90 yards with your 3.25lb test rods, work on your technique, you might be able to get 100+ with them and not need new rods, its not much further is it really.

When you start talking about proper casting rods the price goes well above your budget, but your talking about much bigger distances.

I'd practice with the Sonik rods you have - they should be able to do more than what your getting.  Look at the line, leads, lead-setup, shock leader, casting glove etc etc first and foremost.

Then if you really need new rods start saving up for some proper jobs.

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3.25lb TC rods are a real casting tool, although I don't know much about the quality of Sonik rods. Putting the emblems on them should match exactly for big casting.


Get your lead size right, it may need to be 3.5 or 4oz to get the best out of the rods. Check your mainline, a 0.40mm line won't be as good a casting line as 0.35mm line, or even 0.32mm, and many 15lb lines are over rated, but many 15's are now available in 0.35 or 0.32.


Do you need a shockleader? 

Are your rigs short and tidy? 

Look at your leads, while pear leads are not the best casting leads, they should hit 100 easily, but tournament distance leads are the most stable for casting. Inline leads wobble and reduce distance, unless inside a carefully constructed PVA bag, lead clips and run rings will not go quite as far as a helicopter set up.


If you do need to change rods, you are looking at a lot of money for top range casting tools. 



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