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Mainine profile plus flavour how much?

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Are you looking at making high attract pop-up hookbaits or as the same as your main bait?


If you are going for a high attract bait, then go with the 5ml per one egg. If you want it as a low level flavour identical to your main bait then go with a quarter of 5ml, or around 1ml.



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Right from  personal experience with some of the profile plus range less is definitely more. I would steer well clear of 5ml per 500grms. My mates used it at that and caught for a few weeks then it just died a death. I use 1ml in 6 eggs when I was doing a baiting campaign and caught consistently.  I used to put the same amount in a 1 egg pop up mix too, so 1ml in 1 egg. That's more than enough believe me. I've used the sweet plum, fruitella, pineapple and juicy fruit. The later being my favourite, especially in a birdfood / milk bait. 

There has been the odd advert in carpology I think about the profile plus range and one quote I always remember from it was " you don't need to use a lot, a little goes a long way" . Or something along those lines. 

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