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got to try this out


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27 minutes ago, cloud9 said:


going to have to have ago at doing this lol 

You may already know this but I believe the principle behind that is it mimics the sound of moles/voles digging and a worm is aforementioned animals food source so the worms vacate rather sharpish thinking they are about to be eaten 

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I always thought that it mimicked rain hitting the surface, but the vole theory sounds right too.........

5 hours ago, spr1985 said:

I was telling B.C on another post another way to get them is a bucket of soapy water or a car battery and two metal spikes 😉

Been looking into this, I was thinking of making something out of copper piping, like a mini set of railings connected at the top by one longer piece , not massive but maybe 4ft long with 4 or 5 mini prongs/railings about 1ft long and just using some jump leads off a battery..... Trouble is I get side tracked too often and get behind on everything, so it's probably something I'll visit later on, perhaps after I stumble across a couple of lengths of copper :)

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1 hour ago, cyborx said:

once made a 'worm fork' of my own using the two vibrator motors from an old Xbox 360 controller, a wire coat hanger and a bamboo cane.

when i shoved the prongs just under the surface and switched the motors on, the worms came out that fast i swear some of them left the ground :lol:

When you said vibrator motors I wondered where this post was going lol.



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