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La botte domaine de goncourt the point

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I've not been before, but I'm a member on another forum and found these quotes from various guys regarding La Botte. Don't know if they help at all???.................

"LaBotte is well known for chucking up loads of fish & like Charlie Lake, does benefit if there are loads of anglers on there. Don’t give the fish anywhere to hold up / keeps them moving.
The management are spot on and will give you any help needed, to ensure you catch & enjoy your stay. 
As has already been said, the Maize that’s sold on-site is spot on, it’s also fed to the lakes during winter and all the lakes residents love it. 
Maxime, now produces a chilli mx and it’s also proven to be very successful on a lot of the lakes.
I generally put a lot of Maize out with chopped boille and fish boille over the top but I know guys that just use the Maize and also catch loads"36.gif


"Botte is a great water to just go and catch fish, fished it a couple of time and I've never caught less then 40 in the week.

Best advise I can give on botte, don't fill it in little and often"


"Fished Botte last september, loved the place i would agree it is an easier prospect to some of the other waters. If you find the fish you should catch. They move around in big shoals and constantly show and fizz up so location is never an issue.

However if you are on the opposite side to where the bulk of the fish are you may struggle, thats why it worth being mobile as possible. The fish move off pressure so i think the more anglers on the lake the better as it keeps them moving around. 

We exclusively booked the lake and had 10 anglers which wasn't enough really and could of done with 12 or 14 really. It did mean though for those who could be arsed to move big catches where possible.

I can't remember my exact figures but had over 15 fish, 2 being 50lbers and 4 or 5 40lbers. The commons are awesome in there.

I used both boilies and particles and both worked equally well. Maxime's particles are a very good quality and its great having it delivered still warm from being cooked.

Book with confidence".


"Tom bait boat is a big advantage. I used rowing boat for the first 2 days picking the odd fish up. Day 3 I used a bait boat getting more bites. Ended up with 17 carp 2 x 50's and 3 cats. 
Lake is pretty flat 5-6 feet. 
Use Max's chilli mix. Fish for 1 fish at a time and build your spot up. 
Speard yourself's out don't give them somewhere to hide. Keep the fish moving and you will all catch. 
We've booked on for next year again. 
Good luck". 

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