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First purchase from UK. Should I be dissapointed?

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1 hour ago, yonny said:

Quality Assurance (QA). It's different;

That would explain a lot then.......

I also think that nowadays we've got into the habit of on-line, mail order services...... In the past, you'd go in the shop, physically pick things up and handle them... You could do your own QC,QA before parting with any cash... People doing false casts with new rods outside the shop, wasn't uncommon...


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7 hours ago, yonny said:

The only tackle firm that I know of that maintain a certified quality management system. And when was the last time you heard of anything from them going wrong? Hardly ever happens.

Exactly that. Quality Control (QC) is from the 1980's, it was all about making products and then checking them. Modern manufacturers practice Quality Assurance (QA). It's different; it's about engineering the processes so you don't have to check the products produced after the fact. All well and good if you have a manufacturer with a decent quality system, not so good if you have a poor one. I'm European QA Manager for one of the biggest manufacturers of fasteners in the world so I should know....

I've audited suppliers in China. You would not believe some of the stuff I've seen (both good and bad (mostly bad lol)). Same in the UK in all fairness.

Imo a lot of the quality issues with tackle aint actually manufacturing defects. It's poor design and poor selection of raw materials on behalf of the tackle firms. Let's face it, the worlds best engineers aint exactly queuing up to get a job at Nash.

I was told by a rod manufacturer that China is embargoed on certain carbon cloths, so those carbons can not be used in the rods they manufacture in that country. If you have those (high quality) carbon cloths and prepregs being used in this country for rod manufacture, then they are likely to be higher quality.


I don't know about now, but Daiwa used to manufacture their rods in the UK. At the time in the 1990's there were very few Daiwa rods returned to us in the shop I worked in at the time; Century and Drennan also no or few rods returned. 



I have made the point about rods being made of matching butt and tips, there was a Shimano rod that had a spiral pattern in the blank up and round the blank, you could see exactly how it was separated into sections. The spiral was slightly different on each rod!


From memory, it was a yellow and red spiral.

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