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July Catch Reports

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On 21/07/2018 at 21:33, spr1985 said:

Following on from the above....it’s not a carp but it was my first fish from bayeswater......on a zig too



Congratulations on your first fish from Bayeswater , Scott , but you've gone fuzzy again , and in this heat ! 😱

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So after what seems like an age since i had a decent fish i finally ended the drought last night. Did an afterwork 4 hour session which I nearly didn’t bother with due to the bright and scorching conditions. Finished work around 4.45 and joined usually rush hour traffic,my 25minute journey taking just under an hour. Hold-all,chair,bucket and rucksack I took a walk round a little water that has just become available to me duing to our club closing all our river stretches due to the weather. There was only one other angler on so after a quick chat I went up the far end out of his was as he was on for 48hrs and didn’t want to spoil his chances . I’d fished on overnighter last wk end there for a blank the story of my last 2 months to be honest,even tho I was happy with my fishing and knew I was doing all the right things I just couldn’t buy a bite ! So 2 rigs cast out one on a large bag of pellets and chops the other on a 6 bait halibut stringer with the hookbaits wrapped in paste. Stringer to the island the bag in between the 2 islands it was time for a brew and a butty after a long hot day in Work. With no wind and bright hot sun i knew if I was to have a chance it would be dusk so sat back and topped me tan up. There was plenty of swirls appearing from mooching carp around both islands and given that I’d not caught anything to put a bend in the rod i thought I’d have a go on a zig for a bit. As I’ve said I’m new to this water so wasn’t sure about the stock of carp in there I knew there was a few cats up to 40 in there but the only carp I saw was doubles,but that would do me. I rummaged around in my bucket and ended up with a 4ft zig with a white avid tic tac a size 10 Korda Kurv shank (I didn’t even know I had them) and some drennan hooklength id bought for barbel in 8lb 10oz....... ample for the fish I’d seen mooching around. I spent an hr doing a few casts around trying to pick off fish but to no avail so plopped a cast 4ft off the island and kettle on. By now the sun was starting to go down and a small ripple on the water started to get the fish moving a bit. I’d just took a sip of my brew when the indicator dropped to the floor I thought ooohhhh that’s a bite ! In picked the rod up into a fish that didn’t really know what was happening and I thought yes a nice little carp. It then turned and slowly made its way to the other island and as I bent into it more it started to feel more like a lump. Given I had a smallish hook and hooklength I slacked off the clutch a bit and for around a minute it just plodded up and down. Right I thought let’s give it some pressure and held the clutch as I put a healthy bend in the rod,big mistake ! All hell broke lose as the fish woke up and darted for the back of the island. Twice it took me round it and twice I coaxed it out,all the time all I could think about was my tiny hook and hooklength. After 20 minutes I finally gained enough line to get it into open water for it to undo all my good work and go round the other island. After 40minutes I had it in front of me and i started to give it a little bully as I was confident of landing it by then. The hook was doing it’s job and if it was going to snap me I reasoned it would of done by now. I went in with the net waded out a bit and with the rod arched scooped up my prize. YES a fish at last I peered down to see the fat head of a catfish. 

45 minutes it took to come in and the hookbait and hook looked tiny in its massive gob. Another angler came and help weigh and do the pics and after 10mins resting up it kicked it’s tail in defiance as it swam away strongly. I sat there feeling elated,at no point during the fight was I in control but I was chuffed to have landed it. I looked down and seen my freshly made cup of tea and took a big gulp,it was cold,it didn’t matter. A PB catfish for me at 28,3 and I was over the moon. I didn’t even re cast I wound my other rod in made a fresh brew and packed my bits away. And to think I wasn’t even going to bother to go,I’m so glad I did. 😬




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The conditions by me this weekend ended up being the best I've seen (for carp fishing) in ages and ages. I got excited and booked Friday off so I could do a 3 night session starting Thursday.

The Thursday was a complete waste of time. It was 33 degrees when I turned up so while I found them very easily under an acre of floating weed they were not up for it one bit. I ended up literally lowering free lined bread on to their noses as they poked them through the surface weed. They would sniff at it once or twice then sink back down and do the off. I set up in a tiny swim with snide rods poking out of the reeds towards all this weed for the night and struggled to sleep in what felt like a microwave on full power. Come morning they were just not active and I knew I was wasting my time.

I went for a wander late morning with a mate and we found a different group of carp in a bay down the other end of the pit. They looked much more active than the fish under the weed so we flipped a coin for the only swim in this bay - tails, he won. Just out of the bay there's another swim with a banging climbing tree. I was perched up there watching the fish in the bay when out in open water a group of 3 fish appeared over this weed bed. The biggest was one of the commons I've been after, a low to mid 40. This was backed up by a mirror of 35+ which I think was one i had in August last year. A twenty flanked them which looked absolutely tiny next to these big fish. Needless to say I was down the tree like a shot and running for my gear with the image of the big common in my head.

With all the gear carted down this end and me sweating my nuts off I set up slowly near the entrance to the bay. I did have a flick about with floaters but the birds were a nightmare and I didn't want to kill the area so left the carp to it milling about on the top. As they vacated certain areas of the swim (i.e. the weed bed) I'd take my chance to get the rods out as close as possible to the weed and baited generously. As it approached late afternoon we did see a little bit of rain and I saw 6 proper shows in 10 minutes, big boshes, off the back of my swim. With loads of fish seemingly present I went to bed quite confident. I had a tench from one of the weed bed rods in the night but eventually my alarm clock goes off at 4 am and I'm a little disappointed nothing carpy had happened tbh. I make a cuppa and sit watching the water. I see absolutely nothing. A quick call to my mate in the bay tells me he's not seen owt either. We're gutted.

HOWEVER..... we know what's coming and we're bang on the end of it!

At 9 am the wind slowly starts to pick up and huge dark clouds appear travelling quickly overhead. By 09:30 it's really hacking in and it's started raining intermittently. The carp start showing one by one and I breathe a sigh of relief that they are still there. By 10 am the winds are nothing short of ferocious, 40 mph odd, and the storm poles are screwed on to the brolly to help keep it in the swim. Small branches are falling everywhere from the huge oak tree I'm sitting under and it's looking frankly awesome, if a little dangerous. The carp are boshing and I'm starting to get what I think are liners on the middle rod next to the weed bed. I'm convinced I can see fizzers appearing in the waves over the spot. I'm rubbing my hands together as I'm now convinced I'm getting a take at any second from a weed bed that contained a target fish less than 24 hrs previously. At about 11 o'clock I'm chatting to a lad that's just showed up in my swim and the rod let's out a couple of beeps, drops back an inch or two, then pulls up and out of the clip. Boom, we're away.

I hit it and it's straight into the weed, obviously, making life difficult for me. I'm gaining line but it feels awful, the rod jerking as the line is grating through this weed. It locks up from time to time but then keeps coming, and I'm a little concerned about getting cut off as it feels terrible. I'm just starting to think it'll soon be out of this weed when the unthinkable happens - I feel a 'ping' and the line goes completely slack. I swear, very loudly, and reel in what I expect to be a cut off line. As I take up the slack it does however seem to be coming from the complete opposite direction - and before you know it I'm back in contact with a fish which is now 30 yards to my left when the weed was on my right. With the weed out of the equation I enjoy a real good scrap. Matey jumps in the waders and walks out to net it. As it goes over the cord we see it's an absolutely mint slate grey linear and while it's not massive it's no tiddler either.

On the bank I recognise it as a fish that came out prior to spawning for the first time over 30. It's clearly spawned well but looking in good shape at 27.08 lb. It's a really nice kipper, a rich grey colour with silvery gold scales down each flank. The photos are tricky as light is poor from the oak tree and clouds but the result is a lovely dappled sunlight effect that sets the mood just right. Quick returner shot and I release her to fight another day. Result.

An hour or two later and I'm called into the bay to do photos for my mate. Not my story to tell but another nice fish.

As we approach afternoon the shows slow down and I begin to see them in a different swim opposite. I'm getting itchy feet as conditions are perfect and I want another carp. I need to go to the shop for supplies so bring the rods in to go and think I'll probably be moving swims too. In they come and as I reel in the last of them you can guess what happens - they're back, immediately. I see 10 shows in 10 minutes and now I don't know what to do. I do know that sitting watching carp with no rods in the water is not the one so I decide to leave them to it, rest the swim. I fly to the shop, driving like a lunatic, and luckily don't get arrested with no deaths involved either. I get back and they're still there so I watch carefully and make a decision to reposition a rod where I've seen a couple of bigguns.

By 6 pm I've got all the rods back out and baited. Boilies and pellets all the way. Once again the shows slow down as the wind finally drops but this time I'm not seeing them anywhere else so I'm confident they're still there. I know the wind is due to change early tomorrow so I'm counting on a night bite as I have to leave tomoz. I get a visit from a couple of mates in the evening so we chill out, drink beer, and laugh a lot, as you do. We get completely soaked in the rain but who cares - this is carp fishing at it's best - great conditions, good mates, and nets stinking of carp. Love it.

Off to bed at maybe 23:30, I'm so tired after my early start. I sleep really well (nothing to do with the beer of course lol). I'm planning on having a lie in if I don't get a bite but around 04:30 the repositioned rod starts beeping at me and I'm on it in a shot. The take was quite tenchy so I'm relieved that it's really pulling when I hit it, defo a carp, although the head shaking would suggest it's just a stocky. On with the waders and I get out there to meet it. I love nothing more than being out in the pond scrapping with a fish in the ebbing darkness, that feeling cannot be beaten. It fights well, a decent scrap, and in 5 or 10 minutes it's ready for netting. It's still too dark to see what it is so I wedge the net handle in the silty margin while I get the head torch.

I recognise it straight away, it's unmistakable. An old and rare fish which is a true character, a really odd shape with a little pot belly and massive linear scales all the way down the sides. I actually thought this fish wasn't around any more - I have seen a photo of a capture that took place some years ago but I've not heard of it coming out in the last 3 years and I've never seen it in the water (and I've seen most of them!). It looks absolutely ancient.

My mate comes round to help with photos and we have to stop ourselves from laughing at this stupid little pot belly. It's defo what some people would call a 'character fish'. Some would call it downright ugly. Personally I love to catch the unique ones so I think it's absolutely banging. I'm particularly careful with this one as it looks so, so old. I'm pretty sure it was 33 lb odd in the photo I saw but again it's spawned out at 27 - not complaining in the slightest, I feel privileged. The sun is just breaching the horizon through the grey clouds as we get the returner shot and release her. Defo my fave photo from the weekend with it's little pot belly and ancient scales glistening. She goes back strongly and I wonder how long it'll be before she gets seen again.

The wind has changed as forecast and later that morning we begin to see the carp boshing on the end of it some 400 yards away. With no activity in front of us it's game over so I'm off home.

Really good weekend with awesome conditions and a couple of awesome fish to boot.

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On 26/07/2018 at 13:29, muftyboy said:

I didn't weigh mine but judging by both pics I'm gonna call mine 17lb too lol

Fished last night as the weather looked brilliant, wind, Rain, none of this 30 degree rubbish, Caught 1 within 30 minutes of getting the roads  out 4lb..Thought to myself here we go........nothing else for the rest of the night......so in the best weather for some time the lake switched off, no one else caught. How wierd.

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