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Gotta be worth a watch for a laugh......

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On 03/09/2018 at 15:59, Ginger9991 said:

Bait world in such a bitchy place! lol

Does anyone use ABS at all? would be interested to compare the baits.

I have been using ABS for 15 years and can never see me changing to be honest. All of Geoffs bait is quality, very reasonably priced and customer service is 2nd to none in my opinion. The only downside is ringing to order bait and getting caught in a time tunnel, where what should be a 5 min call turns in to an hour plus!

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Carp angling as a whole can be very bitchy in comparison to other forms of angling, sea anglers are super helpful, even match anglers don't take any opportunity to slate the bloke next to them and there is money involved in that game.

I put it down to the specimen aspect of carp fishing, everyone wants the biggest hardest to catch carp, easily leads down the road of one-up manship.

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