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bite alarm repairs

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Hello all,I recently bought some alarms of e.bay,the bloke said he was not sure if they worked,but I thought I would have a bid,anyway I got carried away (should not bid for anything when you have been drinking) They cost me £32 and guess what they don't work!!! So i've opened them up to have a look thinking it might be a switch or something simple,no chance there is a circuit board and loads of resistors/capacitors etc,don't know where to start...They are not fox etc,think they might be home made,I do like using old stuff and would like to repair them,but as I have already spent 30 quid more than I think they are worth my question is seeing as its probably just a cheap part that needs replacing has anyone got a rough idea how much it would cost to repair please.

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On 26/08/2018 at 16:12, victormeldrew said:

should not bid for anything when you have been drinking

You're not wrong buddy! 

I think you have to write this one off mate. Without knowing what's wrong you can't possibly put a price on a fix. If they were any good the seller would likely have fixed/kept them anyway.

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