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Long time reader, first time poster

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Hello everyone,


Long time reader and information gatherer of carp.com. First time poster.

Been fishing most of my life, always for pleasure. Started with roach/rudd bashing, slowly moved onto tempting tench, catching crusians and getting a fair amount of bream.

Started fishing for carp more and more from about 2007 after watching the famous underwater dvd's. Stopped fishing for a while, started to raise a family, got back into fishing and have taken it a little more seriously (still less than about 20 dedicated carp visits where I've been putting things together), short sharp sessions are my thing, 24 hours at absolute most as my life doesn't allow for that.

I like my carp fishing nice and simple and slowly introduce various odds and sods as and when needed - mainly to get the idea of what they're used for, when to use them and when to not include them.

Essentially, I just love my fishing - not just Carp, but this area of fishing I find more intriguing than others.

Pleased to introduce myself and hope to learn more.

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Lol, nah a nickname I have. But I got called it all throughout my childhood.

i do love the carp, but I also love my pike, my perch and float fishing in general. Never been river fishing properly, looking to go in the autumn time on a small slow flowing river near me. Get some float sessions on the go, maybe even a bit of spinning for the pike, who knows. What ever takes my fancy really.

10 hours if it’s a day, usually 12 if it involves a night. Mostly though, after work sessions no more than 3 or 4 hours if the light permits. Quick and dirty, get to test things out - use your brain and try to maximise your chances of a hook up. If your there for a day or two, I find I get mentally lazy and settle into this “that’ll do” mode where I’m kind of half fishing. Rods out, baiting up but not really thinking what’s happening, am I on fish - what can I see in front of me, shall I bring this rod in and try there - all too easy to sit there and say “give it another 30 minutes and I’ll recast” when times of the essence you tend to throw caution to the wind a little.

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Hi and welcome Brutus, it was nice to read that you served an angling apprenticeship, instead of jumping straight into carp angling. In my experience, the graduated carp anglers seem the most proficient. I’d say that also applies to pike fishing too, as getting used to handling bigger species is important.

Anyway, welcome to yoo 👍🏻

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On 14/09/2018 at 22:33, Dannygooner said:

I'm about to endeavour in some piking when the season starts before it gets too cold for me. Got a great water near me full of them up to 30s. What's your fave method to catch them?

My favorite methods are far from the norm. I'll explain as best I can.

usually 15-18 inches of wire trace, not too supple, not too stiff. I use some wire by fox, 20lb breaking strain.

This goes to a single barbless size 1, 2 or trebble - depending on how i'm fishing. Either looped twice through the eye then twisted or crimped - but, I try to put shrink tubing over the twists or crimp to make sure that tag end isn't exposed to grabbing odd bits of weed or scraping the fish.

bait: roach, perch, sardines or spratts - providing they are less than 5 inches in size, if I can get hold of roach in two inches of size - that's my go to bait. Same with sprats. Sardines I tend to use if it's quiet, the oil in them really sets them off.

The other end I usually make a loop and crimp down, usually only about a cm big. Slide on an anti tangle sleeve. This enables me to release the hook link from the main rig very quickly once the Pike has been landed, get the rig/rod out the way and allow for more efficient unhooking, as the pressure or lack there of usually  aids getting the hook out of the mouth. I know it's only a single hook - but I've never had stinky winky hook holds and have actually had all hookups in the scissors of the mouth or the top lip of the pike. Barbless because I personally don't like barbed - also, the top lip is full of bone and cartilage - a barb would be a good wrestle out and Pike, as robust in the water, aren't too robust out of it. 

That's the hooklink.

Main rig #1:

quick link swivel. shot (two or three SSG) or if you can find them, a huge fan of the fox quick change weights as there's no shot damage to the line just above the knot.

As small a float as I can get away with - i.e if I'm fishing a rod length - a diddy little float or a large chubber - going all the way upto standard pike floats - honest to god don't think it matters, clear, painted - pike don't seem to concerned with that.

Above the float, a simple float stop or stop knot set to usually 6 - 15 inches off the bottom.


Main rig #2:

Float stop, bead, small bobber float, no weight. This is for live baiting as and where appropriate and allowed.


I've not fished a lake or body of water as yet that requires any ledgering for pike - prefer to watch a float in any case.

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