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Are sticky baits krill any good

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3 hours ago, yonny said:

None of the krill baits use high percentages as krill meal becomes buoyant after boiling so the baits would float buddy.

Agreed. Back when I used to make my own bait I used Krill in the basemix at a rate of 1kg in 12kg of dry mix. I accidentally doubled the amount when mixing and the whole lot floated!🤣

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I've used Sticky's Krill to good effect in the past, but if you want the best "loaded" Krill bait, take a look at Northern Baits offerings. 

They have the maximum Krill added that will avoid the dreaded floaters!!

A bit cheaper than Sticky's and trust me................. they are good.

Delivery is spot on, I have never had their bait turn up in less than "perfect" condition. 

Would recommend 100%


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On ‎26‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 21:31, Carp123_0 said:

What's percentage is the krill content in these baits as getting good krill these days is expensive 

They do a dedicated Krill liquid too, but hard to know the actual krill content of this , too.... But I dare say their krill bait will have some in it... One way of upping the krill content without the buoyancy issues.

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I've used the krill wafters and krill pellets.

The wafters have done me quite well on waters with decent visibility, on waters with low visibility, I always feel more confident with some sort of visual aid. I know fish have amazing smell, but I try to cater to sight/smell to entice a bite, even if it's curiosity.

The pellets are amazing.

I was feeding a school of rudd with the rods out, the lake was crystal clear and had a layer of blanket weed on the bottom, so any pellets not mopped up by Rudd just sank into them. I watched two low double figure carp home in on the area where these pellets were and mop the lot up, digging into it. thinking it was a one off, I did it again - same lake... watched exactly the same thing happen. Not saying this is a wonder bait or some sort of miracle, but it obviously does something if i've done that and seen it happen twice.

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