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I am writing up on Suffolk venues where I have up to date information, and know what is going on.

I will be updating and editing this thread as I go along.


I may miss out some well known waters for certain reasons, if you do want information on a water I will often be able to give background information.


GAPS have three venues of interest to carp anglers:


Alderson Lakes, Needham Market

This is a two lake venue with carp in both, the Small lake and the Big lake. The lakes are gated and otter fenced, with the River Gipping running along both sides. It is possible on both lakes in some areas to park behind your swim on both lakes.

In the Small lake you have carp to mid double figures, possibly a bit bigger, also present are roach, perch and tench.

 There is no night fishing on the small lake.

The Big Lake contains carp to 30lb, along with a number of other good fish, double figure bream and tench. It can be very weedy in summer.


Causeway Lake, Great Blakenham. 

Causeway is down a long track, again alongside the Gipping, and around 10acres. The largest known carp is around 33, a heavily scaled mirror called Edna I think. 


Barham B Pit, Barham. 

Barham B Pit is again with The Gipping alongside, a 20 acre lake. The largest carp I know of is high 20's. The A14 road bank you can park your car close by, but on the river bank you will be a long way from the car.

This venue has been returned to individual lakes again, back to the original number of pits.

Barham has now gone to a syndicate water from August 2018. 


Suffolk Water Park. 

SWP is probably the best known venue in Suffolk, with carp to high 30's, and is divided into a number of lakes:

Specimen Lake, the big carp lake has carp that have supposedly reached 40, 2 fish that have apparently made it are Grey Tail, sadly deceased, and 4.3 caught by Jim Shelley at 40lbs and ounces on one occasion, it has not been caught at this weight since. There are probably 10 or more other 30lb fish.

Traditional Lake is another proper shaped lake, again with fish to well over 20lb.

Then you have a couple of match lakes, which are available on a day ticket, but carp fishing is allowed when no matches are on.

I think only Traditional and Specimen lake allow night fishing.

It is always worth giving the venue a call to check latest prices.


Hintlesham Fisheries. 

Another day ticket venue, Predator Lake containing carp and cats, Specimen Lake with carp to 30lb, Bottom lake, actually to me a nicer lake than the Specimen, and I would reckon carp to 30lb from my own sightings.


Bromeswell Lakes. 

Bromeswell is one of my favourite little venues, a pair of lakes, Willow and Horseshoe.

Horseshoe is around an acre, with an island running down the middle. Plenty of silver fish, and carp to mid doubles.

Willow is around 2 acres, a snake shaped lake, with an island. The largest carp has been landed at 25lb, a big common, but recently I have heard of a mirror that has also made 20lb.


Day tickets are sold on the bank, but talk nicely to Jon the owner and season tickets are available.


West Stow Lake

The syndicate is for established carp anglers that have a number of years of experience and applying to join the waiting list will require a selection process to be gone through before you can be successfully added, details of which are supplied on application, through NS Fisheries.

Carp go to over 40lb.


Foxearth Fishery,

Glemsford Road, Foxearth, Sudbury.


This venue is three lakes, Specimen, Traditional and Pleasure Lake, with the Specimen lake of 1.75 acres containing carp to 30lb plus.

I have been round in the past and it suffered a problem with crayfish, but from what I can gather they are no longer present. The rules are pretty comprehensive, aimed at fish and venue welfare.



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