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First trip of the year


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So we have had a last trip of the year post and i thought we could have a first trip of the year one.

My first trip is next saturday, over on a club water, about 5 mins from my partners house. About 9 acres in size and is usually pretty good for a run in the winter, as im told anyway. 

Can't wait, haven't been out carping since end of september. hoping to get a run but if im honest, just being out there will be nice.

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26 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Weathers feeling good for it.

The weather this winter has been amazing (for fishing). Bloomin' typical as I had to stop angling in October!

I have one night planned on the 18th, praying the temps hold out but I know that they wont☹️

I know of loads of big fish captures this past few weeks. It's killing me.

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22 hours ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Always nice to get that first trip in. Are you doing the day or a longer session? Im planning to be out next Wednesday. Cancelled this weeks trip and itching to get out. Weathers feeling good for it.

just for the day. i have no interest in doing nights in the winter if im honest, not whole nights anyway. I will go fish till 10/11 on the river this time of year but i much prefer going back to a warm bed lol

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