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The Anglin' Brothers

The Anglin' Brothers Comeback - 2019

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Alright all, 

First thing I saw here is the blog/diary area. Thought it would be a good idea to start the Journey before I even land in the UK in a few months time. That way, you lucky lot can follow my carp fishing journey from the very beginning. 

I haven't had any series sessions for 8 years, although the odd line has been in here and there, producing nothing of note. I'm very much excited to get back to the UK carp scene and looking forward to spending a good few hours on the bank with my brother again. 

My previous carping history has generally been on harder and larger waters. Something I naturally prefer, but this year I'm going to make sure I'm getting bends in the rod. Of course I have already eyed up a few larger looking venues to get me excited for a bigger campaign, but these year has to have realistic targets. My current PB stands at 28lb 12oz, a mirror coming out of Cromwell Lakes, and I'm honestly not too focused on getting over that by the end of the year - of course, if it comes I'll take the bonus!

My realistic targets for this year are going to be: 
20lb Leather
23lb Common
25lb Mirror

I think these are at least somewhat realistic for the 9 months of fishing I'll have available until the end of the year (I wish that was a solid 9 months too).

If I get to achieve these goals I'll put a shout out later in the year and push to take on a challenge from the diary readers here. 

If anyone has advice or suggestions along the way then let me know. As for now, job 1 is becoming a tackle tart again. Watch this space to see what I can get together. 


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