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Trakker Composite MB v Versions 1 and 2

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46 minutes ago, rhys_thomas said:

evening gents

can anybody explain the difference between the trakker tempest composite mb and the versions 1/2? apart form the massive difference in price, it doesn't seem to be clear the main differences.


I may be wrong here, but I have the tempest v2 which is a brolly. I think the composite is the bivvy with the back vents in it?

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The original composite Bivvy a few years back was designed for lightness & quickness ,they achieved this by ditching the aquatex for a lighter matetial. I brought one myself & it's been ok but you definitely need a wrap for the colder months,  as you can't compare it to my aquatex Armo . 

It's basically a tempest design pole setup with a built in front , no vents  , & a cheaper lighter material . I've noticed they have upgraded the matetial now which definitely needed doing . 

I got mine for lightness & quickness & small footprint  which you can't fault it for.  Would I buy another ? Probably not . 

But they have sorted some of the issues with the newer version it would appear. 

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