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New water 🤷‍♂️

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Hi guys .

im a new member. 

Just joined a annual membership  clay pit . It’s small around 10’ but there is a deep hole to around 25’. 

There are a nice head of pike / Zander . Also carp to 20 +

how do I approach this . I’m looking to catch the larger pike with dead’s what are your thoughts guys/gals 🎣🤷‍♂️🎣



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Sorry I didn't reply when you first posted.

To be honest March is when my pike fishing stops, they are usually spawning, followed by the water temperatures have risen enough to make catching pike very stressful for them, potentially resulting in fish that die after capture, especially so in the shallow waters of southern England. A lot of clubs only allow pike fishing from October to March.


Zander I think are more hardy in summer, and for summer fishing I would be out with lures, with gear heavy enough to bring any accidentally hooked pike in quickly so they don't suffer oxygen deprivation, the cause of stress.

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Agree with everything the man says,he does have a way with words....but to answer your question,seeing as it is only a small place all you have to do is go as much as you can and you will catch every pike in there sooner or later,some more than once,pike are not hard to catch.....but they do have to be in there in the first place if you know what I mean,If the place has a fence round it then you are quids in ,happy days

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