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Hello everyone, was hoping for some advice from more seasoned fisherman then my self.

I'm looking to get some new rods as i broke one of my old ones so thought that was a good enough excuse to get some new ones in.

I've been using 12ft 3.5tc and was thinking of getting some 10ft 3lb ones instead is there any real draw backs with using 10ft vs 12s? I don't fish at any real distances. I would say 100 yards is by far the furthest I fish so casting distance shouldn't be an issue.

So far I've narrowed the choice down to these

Avid traction

Sonik Dominator x

Greys prodigy GT4

Daiwa crosscast 

If anyone can recommend any better rods or any info will be a great help. Hoping to spend around the £150 mark for 2 rods and I don't mind buying some 2nd hand rods if they are a better quality 


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I prefer shorter rods myself, and find 11' are ideal for my style of fishing. I think a slightly shorter rod aids a little with accuracy, (it certainly does with me lol!), and I certainly don't feel disadvantaged in any way.

Some people will argue that you can exert more leverage on a fish with a longer rod, or that you will get quicker pick up of the line. But again, I have never personally found this to be a problem.

I max my tc out to 2,75 too. I like to feel the fish a bit more.

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