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Fish the Balkans 2019

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Ever wondered what it would be like to fish the Balkans and hold some of the true monsters from this area!

WWW.Carpscapes.com have just made this a reality for you!

Come and have a look at what's on offer the photos speak for themselves, On facebook we are giving holidays away !!!!!! Like and share that's all we require!

We fish the waters you do! Fully guided trips or drive and survive, we have it all!

Is your wife catching you up late nights watching carp videos? Are you finding it hard to concentrate at work, for dreaming about your next PB? Are you finding excuses to escape into your garage just to tie a few rigs? If so, then you know what time of year it is! Fishing time! Whether it’s a road trip away from home or a lake right in your countries back yard, CarpEscapes can help you plan the ultimate fishing getaway. Forget about the mundane day to day and let CarpEscapes take you awaaaay. From Drive and Survive to V.I.P all Inclusive Chalets. We can tailor make your fishing experience as we have something the whole family can enjoy. Beautiful lakes, surrounded by pristine landscapes, containing record numbers of fish! From uncaught linears to hard fighting broad shouldered commons. We have what you’re targeting.

CarpEscapes wants to be your guide to the lakes where you’re going to smash your PB! We’ll providing the kind of surroundings and environment you’ve come to love, while catching the types of fish you’ll love to brag about. CarpEscapes has reachable destinations in Holland, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Romania.

CarpEscapes welcomes you to find your ESCAPE…

Follow us on Facebook, instagram and Twitter.

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Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 14.38.27.png

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