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Modified Chub Outkast Rod Handle

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Finding the right Rod has been a very big Challenge. living in the United States. We just don't have those God Send Carp shops I see on the web in UK.

Yes I am truly Jealous. I wanted a set of 9' 2.50lb. Rods. All the 9 footers seemed to have short handles except the new Wychwood - Extricator Plus 9'Rod and I will be owning a set of them soon. When I received my Chub Outkast 9'Rods, I was disappointed, the handles were just to short for my liken. The balance of the rod for my self was not good as well. To far and cost to much to ship back. I really like the action and fit and finish for the price. So I was determined to fix it. It took a lot of work, unable to purchase the correct diameter of a solid carbon fiber rod so I had to fix that to by carefully sanding it down and keeping it round, but I enjoyed it to say the least. Now I have 18" handles and the Rods are perfectly balanced with my reels, that took some work to, getting the weight distributed just right. There not the golden rods I see so many have in the UK, but there mine. This is my second season of a rookie carp fisherman and I'm addicted. I respect the Carp and they have given me some of the best battles and fun I have ever had fishing. Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks to all who share there knowledge on this forum.




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