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France - from a different perspective.

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From what I have read on the internet, 95% of UK anglers, who go fishing in France head for the many British owned carp fisheries within an easy drive of the channel ports. I wanted to show that there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere in the country especially if you head all the way down to the Pyrenees.  

I set out this morning to get some videos of the dozens of lakes within ½ an hour of my home which are never fished. They are usually fenced off, not because the owners want to prevent people from fishing but to avoid potentially very expensive litigation if someone were to have an accident.

I took my drone so that I would not have to get permission to access each lake and I started with the smallest which is just on the edge of my village.

I was aware of the lake's presence having glimpsed reflections from its surface through the trees in winter when the leaves had fallen. Unfortunately, I got so wrapped up this morniing with this first location, the rest is on hold for the moment.

It took a lot of thrashing through brambles and nettles to get anywhere near the water but eventually my dog found a way through. The third of the lakes, about 4 acres in size, proved to be an absolute gem with patches of bubbles fizzing everywhere. We are suffering from a major heatwave at the moment so fishing is not practical. Meanwhile I will visit our mayor to try and find the owner of the lakes and also do a recce to work out how to fish such an overgrown location.

Mostly using footage from my phone (so apologies for the quality), I made a short Youtube clip of this morning’s visit. I hope you find it interesting.




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The story continues if anyone is interested?

The mayor is on holiday so I have been asking, unsuccessfully, around the village to see if anyone knows the owner of the lakes. I did come across one interesting story.

Apparently some 50 years ago the lakes formed part of an estate owned by a Swiss couple. The husband died and the wife wanted him buried on the far bank of the lake. The mayor of the time, who was a rather rotund individual, was summoned to officiate at the brief ceremony. Halfway across, the boat overturned tipping the coffin and mayor into the water. The narrator of this story was unsure of the final resting place of the corpse.

Now this IS France and every place has a little story owing more to imagination than historical fact. Nevertheless, if I am doing any clearing to find a swim, I will tread carefully and respectfully.

What the story does tell me is that the lakes are probably at least 50 years old.

I have located a spot from which fishing is just possible and have been doing some pre baiting. Encouragingly, this seems to generate small patches of bubbles indicating individual feeding fish (as appose to the sheets of bubbles you sometimes get when bream move in).

I took my Deeper today to check out the depths. Where I intend to fish, the banks slope away gently down to a general depth of 3.5 metres. However, I have located a large depression which is 4.2 metres deep.

I was only using a light lined spinning rod which was unsuitable for the purpose. At one point I got a crack off and saw my £200 Deeper sail into the middle of the lake. Here is a handy hint for you. I had foreseen this eventuality and I tied an orange float to the Deeper via a sort length of line. (See photo) This make it far easier to search for and recover. A short swim was required, which in the current heat was not a problem but at the age of 72 years old I should know better than to go swimming in an unknown lake with margins lined with fallen tree and roots.

It is quite an expedition for me to get to the water and I have already learned not to wear shorts. Will all this effort be worth it? All I need is for this heatwave to end. I refuse to fish in temperatures over 100 deg F.





Deeper with float.jpg

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If you have a motorhome you can stay in our village park beside a lake for €4 per night including water and electricity. I could be persuaded to tell you where the hole in the fence to the other lakes is.

First trip with small float rod saw several roach on maize then lost a large fish straight into tree roots because clutch was set far too lightly.

Second trip 15 lb common on boilie

Third trip was a blank but did hear a VERY large splash.

N.B. my trips are only for about 4 hour each so plenty of potential yet.

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Nice photo. There are some very large carp in the Lot and also some big catfish - if you like that sort of thing. I have fished it perhaps a dozen times in the Cajarc region. However, I am more of a lake angler. Good luck with the fishing. I won't mention Brexit. It gets me banned everywhere 😁. Best place to get all the information you need is the international carp forum at Montlucon which is around end of next Ferbruary. It is ahuge event and I think not far from you.

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Thanks for the reply. Montluçon is an almost 4 hour drive north for me, interesting maybe? 

Yes, the B word might be considered "swearing" on some forums! Not trying to dwell on the politics, just gets me depressed!

I first read of the Lot fishing in the '70's I think. Somehow seem to have found my way here almost by accident! Anyway, it's a good place to be and glad to be into some fishing which is new to me. Just what I needed!


Barbel swim.jpg

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