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Reel replacement recommendations

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Gutted!!! - I've had my fishing gear in storage for about 10 years and although most of it came through fine, my reels have died somewhere along the way :(
I had 3 Fox Stratos FS10000's and a Stratos FS7000. They have all now given up the ghost in various ways :(

I loved these reels and would happily change them like for like but things have moved on in the time I've been away and they're not made anymore.

Can you guys please recommend something about the same size and quality? Not bothered about huge big pit reels as most of the places I fish aren't that big.

Currently looking at the Shimano XT10000RB or Shimano X-Aero 10000RA , any thoughts?

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The problem


and the solution...


Very similar in a lot of ways (which is what I was after). Chose these only after playing with every reel in the shop!

My only concern is they have double handles, any one know if I can get single handles to replace them?

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