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The Bankside Diner what's on the menu??

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22 minutes ago, Big Bass said:

I always eat from the pan saves on the washing up πŸ‘

I normally do too tbh, keeps it warmer longer πŸ‘

Nice and easyΒ  curry though, good old pataksΒ 

Tesco peshwari naan was horrible though ended up feeding that to the wildlife,Β 

I also regretted the 2 beers with my old man bladder, I was up every hour for a while πŸ§“

Really enjoyed the horlicks and Jersey cow milk tea though, 2 things every self respecting carp angler should have in there armoury πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

Back home now though no carps, good few shows, not far away but they didn't quite want to come to visit my spots in the allocated slots I had provided them with πŸ™„

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I know it is early, but I've been awake since 4 this morning,Β Fishing dinner: diced lamb and garlic over pasta stuffed with pesto and goats cheese with chopped tomatoes and mixed herbs.Β 


To be honest washing up is no problem, I put water and washing up liquid in the saucepan, and boil it, then tip that water into the tupperware my tomatoes and lamb were in and onto my plate. Wet wipe and clean.Β 


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