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Long gated splicing needle


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I’ve just decided to have a go with some long tail rubbers on my inline leads so that I can use solid PVA bags. I decided to tie a few before I went fishing which was lucky as it wasn’t until I tried to thread my leader through the tail rubber that I realised that my gated splicing needle was about an inch too short!

Can anyone recommend a long (a good 4in would be good) gated splicing needle that’s up to the job?

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A few days ago I’d have agreed with you, I have loads of these things in my tackle box and I’ve never really favoured one over another. However, the Fox Tadpole In-line Lead Tails that I’m using are a good 3” long and the hole is to small/tight to simply thread line through. My longest splicing needle is only about 2” long and so it won’t reach through to pick up the line. I have a stringer needle that’s a good 6” long but it’s the type with the barbed end so although it’s long enough to go through it rips the tail rubber on the way out as the barb digs into the rubber. I have a long (unbranded) gated needle but it’s too chunky at the working end to get into the pointy end of the rubber :)

So, although I agree that my question seems a bit pointless at first reading, I would really like advice/ a recommendation from anyone who’s used these rubbers before. I’d rather order one that I know will do the job rather than just add another one to the pile of tools I have that won’t do the job lol.

Gated Stick/stringer needles (or at least the ones I have) seem to be fatter than splicing needles. What i’m after is a long but narrow gated needle (hope that makes sense).


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