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3 islands lake france

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Not been there myself, but here's the latest "honest opinion" I have gleaned from another site....

"Well then, suppose I should give my opinion on this place now since I have just got back from a week there myself!

On arriving we pulled up and put all our bait and food milk etc in the chest box and gas fridge provided, and all our clothes in the wash room cabin.
Rudolf turned up and had a walk around with us and explained it wasn't fishing very well the guys the week before had 6 fish between 5 of them (the weather wasn't helping this, it was awful we had all 4 seasons in the one week), his English isn't great, but you can get what he's saying and he's a nice chap! We got set up along the road bank and fishing was slow, nothing in the first night, but I woke the next morning to Rudolf telling me that my mate had a "Grass Carp, 1 Metre'" on the bank he was already there that morning at about 7:45 doing the bins and sorting out the toilet!
Sean was doing well after this having an 11lb Bream although he won't admit that then followed by a 38lb Common then a 39lb Mirror on the same day, Sean then done it again with a banging 44lb Mirror.
I got off the mark that night with a very welcome 24lb Mirror, not huge but my first ever French Carp, I was buzzing! Sean then had another 30 odd pound Carp in the early hours!
Day 3 now and Jack P was getting impatient and had moved that morning, he got set up in swim 6, and almost straight away had a take but unfortunately lost this one in a snag!
I with a huge school boy error had 2 takes that night but no fish on the bank, hugely frustrating,
Sean then had another Common around 28lb later that day.
I had moved into swim 4 and again had a take within the first hour, I lost another one, hook pull this time, I was having a bad day, a change of approach and some newly tied rigs was on the cards, that night I had a lovely 31lb Mirror. The next morning at around 7am I had a screamer on the middle rod and these fish fight like mad, great sport this was another 24lb'er a Common this time, the day was quiet, it was fishing better at night, and around 2:30 I had another Common this one just under 20lb.
Sean then had a good few fish that next day nice mid 30's one special one worked really hard for out of a baited spot in a hole in the tree's proper angling! They managed a few from this bay later on, Jack P with a beaut mirror at 35lb looked forever 40lb huge gut on it lovely looking fish, they all were!
The last night Sean finished up his hauling with a mid 20 mirror and me losing another in the dying minutes of the trip, gutted! But over all this trip was incredible couldn't have been better!
Facilities were fairly basic all cabins and the Lodge are all in great condition and clean though and perfect for what you need fishing for the week, a hot shower, basin and sink for washing up your food bits, toilet was a bit temperamental but Rudolf was on the case and had a plumber on site to sort it out.

16 Carp on the bank for us in total in the week, and a few Tench and Bream also. All pictures of our trip have gone on the Three Islands Facebook page if you want to have a look! Uploaded by me (Jack Cheshire)

I for one will absolutely be booking to go here again, I feel I have unfinished business not getting among the bigger fish, it's not an easy water and has really helped me up my game and has taught me things that will help me in the future, to summarise don't be put off by some of the moaners on here, there was absolutely nothing at all that would warrant a moan from this place, top spot."

Hope that helps????

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11 hours ago, northisbest said:

Cheers Which forum did you find it on, wouldn't mind chatting to jack if possible. Cheers for that tho.

This is the actual thread on the lake. Bit of confusion at first which lake it is, but it sorts itself out if you keep reading. Bear in mind the first post is from about 2011 (so it's an old one!!).....


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