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Hello from USA

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Hi, I've been  fishing for wild carp most of the past year, getting more and more into it after a lifetime of fishing here in USA.  I've caught everything from bass, to trout on the fly, to sharks to seven feet in the surf, but carp has become quite the obsession & I've cared little for any other fishing during the last few months.  I've been experimenting with different techniques, mostly method feeders in local creeks, lakes & rivers, using my bass & catfish gear with end tackle and bait from bigcarptackle.com .  My PB is currently 14lb common.  I've only caught one mirror compared to 15 commons, a small scaled one.  

Interestingly, we have a carp "scene" here in my state of NC, the "paylakes".  They're small heavily stocked ponds that involve mini-tournaments.  So carp fishing isn't totally unheard of in my area, but fishing for wild carp is extremely rare.  I've not yet met another carp angler on my local rivers or lakes.

I love learning about all the legendary UK venues via YouTube, podcasts & forums.  I was fascinated by UK carp fishing as a kid when I found a book about it at our local library as an 8 year old, years ago, but then I forgot about carp until recently and rediscovered it with the help of the Internet.  I loved the bank fishing taken to high art, unlike the local bass fishing scene, it was similar to the fishing that I did from the bank of my grandmothers farm pond for bullhead catfish and bluegill.  I'm hoping one day to make it to the UK to wet a line.

Anyways, I hope you all don't mind me lurking and posting occasionally in the Europe forums!

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3 hours ago, finchey said:

Hi and welcome along to the forum. It's nice to hear stories of other people's fishing and hopefully we will see some photos as well. 😁👍

Thanks for the welcome!  Here's some pics from this year.  Cats are a fact of life fishing on the bottom here, especially in summer.  I've not found a bait they don't like, even fake corn.


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Hi love hearing about carp angling in the US ever since i read a report from the lads on Macarthur park in LA they call themselves the California Ghetto Carping club they had a unknown 50lb common out of a small park lake in the middle of LA, so you definitely have some very good unkon big carp out there. Looking into to it further it turns out carp are used in irrigation canals to help keep them clear of silt and weed, anglers are allowed to fish for them but have to put them back to do their job. seems there is a lot of carp in the canals of Imperial County. ☺️

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This is the area i was on about, i know it's not near you but there are going to be some biggies around there the guy in this video mentions he can only see some big carp when out lure fishing,.

Check those far bank margins, bit of desert carp angling would be a dream hot all year round.


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