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Carp fishing Lake Hartwell GA/SC?

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It looks like not much traffic in this part of the forum, however just in case has anyone explored Lake Hartwell?  My father & I went there to catch striped bass, it's beautiful water.  It reminds me of the videos of Dale Hollow.

Like a lot of large North American impoundments, it's large at 45 miles long deep, max depth ~ 185 feet.   Fishing for stripers from a boat we were regularly fishing 80 feet of water and the water's quite clear.  Margins are straight and deep and where we were on the SC side there were few coves and bays.  I know there's carp, we saw one dead common of ~ 10 pounds floating middle of the lake.  It's a man made impoundment with huge expenses of water 100 feet deep over entire  decades- old forests of flooded timber.

I had been thinking about how the larger, northern lakes with predators yield the biggest carp in USA, and this lake has a massive, massive amount of stripers due to a stocking program where huge amounts of stripers along with herring to feed them are stocked each year. ever since it was discovered that both do well in the large, deep lake.  We nearly caught our limit of large stripers in the 20 lb range in just a few hours, on live herring.  The lake apparently holds large walleye  & trout populations.

So it's huge lake, intriguing from a carp angling perspective, but no knowledge that I' ve found on how to approach for carp

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