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Mortimer and Whitehouse gone fishing audible book

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I got sucked into audible a while ago and kept forgetting to cancel my subscription, anyway this is one I am glad I got 

This book is read by Paul and Bob and so far has been an excellent listen, if you liked the TV shows you will love it, I have really enjoyed listening to them rather than reading it as the character really comes across as they tell tales of the magic of fishing, which is something that seems missing a lot from the modern day scene, but it's really taken me back to being a kid and made me think about enjoying fishing like I did in the olden days,

All I will say if you don't like it you are not a Fisherman 😁



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On 14/11/2019 at 10:10, crusian said:

I know the tv show has attracted criticism for not giving enough technical detail , but IMO it's so much more than a fishing program

Totally agree. The show is not a fishing programme. It is 2 guys big enough to make a comedy about how they've come to terms with their health problems. It just features a bit of fishing. A really unusual concept and one you have to admire them for.

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