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Beginner! Pb 7lb Mirror so far...

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Hi all 

I’ve just started carp fishing this year. Did a bit of coarse fishing as a kid, mainly waggler..but really interested in carp techniques. I’m pretty much self taught (off YouTube). Fishing at Shearsby lake near market Harborough - I’m from great glen, Leicester. I know it’s prob the wrong time of year to get into fishing as I’ve blanked the last two trips. 

my kit:

drennan red range combi rod (method, waggler) loaded with Korda 15lb touchdown 

shimano baitrunner reel 

tried a pop up rig single hook bait (which is one I caught mirror on) 

today I had a go at PVA bag and although some carp about - didn’t get a bite 

has anyone got any advice for me as a beginner. Have I got right kit? recommend better lake? Is winter just not a good time for carp? 

will gladly take any advice! 


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Welcome to Carp.com.


Don't think that coarse fishing techniques don't catch carp. Regular feeding on the waggler, or feeder rods will catch carp. 

In fact the groundbait or method feeders with 'more smell' than bait are some of the best methods going to catch carp. The Method was basically just an adapted groundbait (frame) feeder with the line running through the middle rather than clipped on. 


Getting into winter like now, the fish will shoal and hold up in specific areas, this is all species.

If I was fishing PVA bags now, I would be using small bags with tiny pellets as my feed.

Overflavoured high attract pop-ups often produce.


Fishery choice, if you want to fish for carp all the way through, find a lake which has winter form. No point in blanking all winter, it can be hard enough in summer.

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Can’t help you with venues but I can help with your set up. As the lads have said line is far too heavy 8lb would be fine. Small method feeders (not elasticated ones) with a 4/5lb hook length will see you able to land fish into double figures quite easily especially this time of year. I’d use corn/pellet/maggot this time of year on anything from a 16 to a 10 hook depending on venue. A commercial with a decent head of fish should be your choice and look to try and target any islands or deeper margins or Reed areas. Try to keep the feed to a minimum and don’t be afraid to have a cast around until you find the fish. Try to use your line clip if your not comfortable casting to islands but I would advise against it if the fish are double figure size. This time of year fishing for bites is your best bet some of by biggest winter carp hauls was feeder fishing for bites on 16 hook and two dead red maggots. 

welcome to .com and good luck 😬😎🎣

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6 hours ago, yonny said:

Your rod is rated for 3 to 8 lb line buddy. 15 lb line is overkill, you can land 50 lbers with that stuff👍

Yes, I did notice but had bought the line before the rod so put it on spool. Will this affect the function of the rod or impair the cast? Not that I’m casting long distance 

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31 minutes ago, conway301084 said:

Yes, I did notice but had bought the line before the rod so put it on spool. Will this affect the function of the rod or impair the cast? Not that I’m casting long distance 

It will certainly hinder casting but might not be an issue if distance isn't a problem. The set-up will fell a little un-balanced too, see how you go mate.

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I use 6lb line have landed 7lb + plus carp on a shakespeare omni feeder rod. The line limit on that rod is 8lb. Secret is getting clutch set properly. I have also got 15lb on a carp rod but Mitchell Exocet reel came with it already on otherwise I would have probably put just  put 8lb - 10lb on it. 

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Welcome aboard mate! 

You're asking the right questions and the lads on here will give you great advice. 

Its a minefield of information to take in and as I found out when starting out in carp fishing, you can get caught up on certain methods and before you know it, you've got a tackle box full of metal and plastic that you don't really need. 

I won't get into too many specifics. My advice would be to keep things simple, so you're confident, pulling tools to check your not going to get snapped off, sharp hooks, good quality bait.

Just keep at it, small adjustments can have a big impact on your results. 

Underwater footage completely changed my approach to fishing. 


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On 26/11/2019 at 21:54, conway301084 said:

Thanks! Has anyone got any recommendations on lakes with winter form within 30 mins of great glen, Kibworth area of Leicestershire ? 

Whetstone Gorse

Spring Grange

Shearsby valley 

Holly Farm

Peatling pool

and a bit further afield would be Makins


Also your gear is massively overkill mate

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