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Return to zombie sheep lake

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Well after my last post entitled brolly blowout, I returned to zombie sheep lake, on my guard for any unnatural shenanigans. 

I had done a quick session last week which accounted for a mid double and a hook pull, so I was rather happy to get a last minute chance to get the rods out. A quick hour rolling boilies, and I was on the road. 

of course the lakes curse was already at work and a call from she who must be obeyed had me driving away from the lake and to a pharmacy for supplies, then a 10 mile detour to my fiancee's house to carry out my duties as a paramedic. (Its not like eyes are even that important...) 

several hours later, I am again heading to the lake, arriving at lunchtime. Not bad seeing as I left the house at 8am and its a 40min drive! 

On arriving I find the gate blocked by a boy racer and his profusely vomiting girlfriend, so after offering my services, which are declined, I await the boy racer to move out of the way so I can enter the car park. He soon disappears in a cloud of exhaust and dubstep screaming around the bends, no wonder the poor girl was sick! 

There was a cold North westerly blowing with quite a chop on the exposed water, so I chose a swim off the back of the wind so I don't lose a 3rd bivvy here, having just replaced the blown out brolly with a 60" oval and storm sides, the missus was right, those extra inches do make a difference... 

The rods set up, I find one of my Neville alarms has unexplainedly packed up, (yet worked fine again at home) so out with the delks and in with the rods. Set up with the same on all 3 rods, korda leadcore in gravel shade, fished helicopter style with helisafe beads and 3 1/2oz leads, Hooklinks being 25lb esp loaded in brown, about 10" in length to size 4 wide gapes fished blowback style with small shrink tube kickers. Single bottom baits on long hairs finished the set up. The left hand rod fished in the margins over 50-60 baits, with a small stringer to keep the rigs tangle free. The middle and right rods were fished to a silt bowl about 60yrds out over a couple of hundred baits. 

Brolly up, bed out, brew made, I sit back and enjoy the sun with another book (ted Bundy - interesting story, disturbed man!) When the left hand rod rattles off, a long and protracted fight soon results in a nice common in the net weighing in at 25lb 12oz 


25lb 12oz. 

The night soon closed in and with it came the rain, so I got all settled in the dossbag and got some sleep. At 8am, I was woken by the sun shining straight in my eyes, I wake to find everything frozen and white with frost. Just as I am considering recasting the rods, and deciding it's far too cold, the middle rod pulls up tight and the bobbin just holds there, not coming out of the clip. On striking, I'm flat rodded at 60yrds then the carp comes in like a baby after that. Slipping the net under a good common weighing 22lb 12oz, proper winter carp. 


22lb 12oz. 

At this point, I feel I've got away quite lightly with the zombie sheep curse so wrap it up and call it a day...

To find the gate blocked by another car on the way out, after all, nothing like waiting an hour for a dog walker to come back and let me out...

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2 minutes ago, commonly said:

Be positive elmo, good luck geez! 

I am it's Christmas tree day, having a lovely time with the kids listening to Christmas songs, although bono just killed my speaker, he ran it out of battery with his ego (band aid) 

Bait is nicely prepped in dayglo glug and I am confident again, got the Conditions now i just have to get the location right and boom 

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