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January catch reports

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Done a 48 hour at carlton mares at the weekend. 

Strange old session. 

Low pressure warm with a nice strong wind. 

1st night 4 fish came out. 

There were 3 of us on the lake and one came to the guy to the right of me and 3 to the guy on the left. 

I didn't have a bleep. 

Next day I put the deeper out and there were a shed load of fish showing right over my right hand rod so I decided to put a bit of bait out to try and get a reaction. 

The next 24 hours not a beep still so I decided to try a couple of hours on the easier lake while my bivvy dried out. 

Not a bleep. 

Went back to the bivvy and put a rod out back on the baited spot while I packed up. 

Rod was in maybe 30 seconds before it tore off. 

Not a biggie but a lovely dark mirror around the 13lb mark that saved a very frustrating blank. 

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After 4 blank sessions on the more difficult one of my club waters I had this at 1,30am this morning.  Packed up at 5, 30am to go to work so made it worth while.   

First Fish of 2020...not weighed but give myself about 8lb...happy bunny

Seems like spotting that fish last time has paid off big time.  Only had the rods out for half an hour after setting up in the dark.  Left rod did a couple of bleeps and while I was waiting

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