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Making cork ball pop ups?

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Hi guys I’m making some fish meal boilies and I was also wanting to make some matching cork ball pop ups with the base mix, what I wasn’t sure about is if I have to add anything to the mix for the pop ups or I can just use it as it is. Here’s the base mix that I’m using... 

20%  predigested fishmeal

30%  white fishmeal

30%  soy flour 

20%  semolina 

salmon oil

liquid egg



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FYI - the egg albumin goes into your mix at 10%.

A handy tip, stolen from a very well respected cork ball pop up makers guide on another forum:

Soak the cork balls in egg white. Not yolk (the white is the gluey bit). Allow them to go dark, soak the egg white for at least twelve hours in the fridge. Do not swim them in egg white, just a light coating. You want them damp, but not soaked in egg white, so do not flood them. When they are damp, sprinkle egg albumen over them in a bowl, until they all have a light covering. Stir them around with a spoon. The cork balls will end up with a glaze of egg albumen, and egg white. When you put your paste around the cork ball, the moisture from your paste, will reactivate your glue. The paste will be welded to the cork ball. You will find, that you pick it off in little bits, instead of it just falling off when they are cooked. It also helps with mixes that are hard to roll in a cork ball form.

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