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I am a little confused, i have purchased some 20mm boiles they look so much bigger then 18mm will the 20mm still catch fish?


Are bigger baits better off in france then uk heard they have bigger mouths?


Can you cut the boilie down a bit to a smaller size and will it still be effective once the skin has been chipped off?


Will small carp not touch the bigger baits?


I fish a local park lake a lot, the carp are mainly doubles to 20lb, will they still take the 20mmm boilies or you think i'd be better off with 18mm.


any help here welcomed

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If the question is does size matter?


Then the answer is kind of yes,


quality everytime for me, but then I don't have to worry about size :wink::lol: , my bait is rolled for me in what size I want.


Seriously, you are less likely to get nuisance fish on larger baits. That may mean that you get less Bream, Tench or small Carp.


The only way to find out if the Carp will take 20mm Baits in your water is to use them.

If you have been pre-baiting with 18mm baits in the same Food Source Boilie, then the chances are you will still catch on 20mm baits, as the Food Source itself is acceptable. If its a totally new Food Source (not an Attractor Bait then you may have to pre-bait until the Carp do start to accept them.


Yes you can trim off the outer skin off a bait and it will still work. You are removing the Hard outer skin, and allowing the attraction to get into the water more quickly. Put the trimmings in your spod mix etc :wink:

The same stands for fishing half a bait, it will still work as a bait.

If you crumble or grind boilies up into your pva bags groundbait etc, you are relying on the attractor signals to attract the Carp anyway

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