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Rod licence issue

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Hi all,


Has anyone ever been in the situation of currently having a 2 rod 12 month coarse licence and wanting to change to or upgrade to a 3 rod licence?

I've just rung up the environment agency phone line and they told me that this isn't possible and my options are;

- cancel current licence and take out a full year 3 rod licence (therefore I would lose 6 months of licence I've already paid for)

- take out a day licence in addition to my current licence each time I want to use 3 rods at £6 per day

- take out a second 2 rod licence therefore allowing me to use 4 rods but obviously with a total cost of £60 per year (I don't even have 4 rods and I'm not even sure what fisheries would allow 4 rods)

I've logged a complaint to be reviewed by the fishing team so fingers crossed somebody there will have some sense and bend the procedures to make this work!

Any advice appreciated.


Thanks, Paul

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It is a stupid thing that you cant, lesson learnt though so just get a 3 rod license next time round. 

In the meantime really assess if 3 rods is required, dont just fish 3 for the sake of it. There are plenty of times I havent put my 3rd rod out because the swim is a bit tight, a lack of spots to fish, fish in the swim already and I dont want to disturb them, etc. 

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2 hours ago, yonny said:

I see.

That's a bit pants innit.

I thought that was their initial plan, a 1-2-3 rod license options. 

I have this debate loads with an angling group I sit on. It's often mentioned rod license income is down, I remind them that they reduced the price for 3 rods, and although it's slightly increased on 2 rods there is still a loss of a couple quid. That adds up. It's not the sole reason sales/figures are down but it contributes. When you think its £9 cheaper to have a 3 rod license than it was before to buy two 2 rod licenses, now think of the number of carp anglers in the country (assuming they all buy licenses) and add it up. There's a HUGE loss straight away. 

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10 minutes ago, pablo7uk said:

Well I've had a very thorough reply from them but the basics of it is that they don't have a clever enough system for rod licences for this upgrade type option to be available and if they did it would increase rod licence costs. 


if they had a system that worked like that it could make it cheaper as someone wouldn’t need to answer phone calls or emails 


keeps someone employed lol

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