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Daiwa sensor line or hyper sensor

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Sensor is one of the best lines out there, far better than more expensive brands.

I have played fish in and out of lily beds, round snags, even round buoy chains and landed fish. It also casts well, I used to cast around 120metres with 15lb line on 2.75lb SP's.

ALL mono is stretchy, between 15-25% before it gives way, and there are worse than Sensor.

If I hadn't been given some Gardner Pro to test by Richard Gardner I would still be using it in preference to any other line.

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Have used Sensor before and not had any problems with it. My daughter Liddy has Hyper Sensor on her reels and gets on okay with it.

Have also tried CM90. It behaved well, gave me no problems, but I just wasn't happy with the colour of it. It stood out like a sore thumb going through the water which didn't do a lot for my confidence. So off it came.

My line of choice is Shimano Technium Black. It has never let me down. I use 12lb when fishing here, upping to 15lb when I fish in France. I can honestly say that I have never, (ever!), had a problem with it. No unexpected breaks, it casts well, sinks well and hangs nice and limply through the rings. I've tried others, (purely out of curiosity), but always come back to Technium Black and would recommend it 100% to anybody.


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